Blow Insualtion

Blow Insulation

Blow Insulation typically refers to the process of filling studs or joint cavities with any loose material that has a good R-value. This insulation is made from small particles of fibreglass, cellulose or rock wool that are installed with an insulation blower. Installation involves the use of a mechanical blower that churns up the cellulose material with paddles to loosen it and mix it with air, then blows the fluffy insulation through hoses to wherever it is required.

This is one of the most effective forms of insulation that help cut energy costs but it has to be done by experts. CHD Spray is the leading insulation expert in Canada BC that has been involved in Blow insulation for the past many years. Our expert team has implemented this form of insulation in many commercial and residential buildings successfully.  

Moisture Resistant

Low Carbon Footprint

Better Acoustic Control